Northern Ireland-based, Lifestyle Photographer + Videographer

Specialising in Births + Families

Hi, I'm Rebekah, an experienced Birth Photographer and well-known Family Photographer in Northern Ireland. I capture the raw, real and radiant moments of life, from pregnancy to birth to growing as a family. I am a strong believer and supporter for women and their birth choices, not just in the last few weeks of pregnancy, but in the 4th trimester as well.


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I've had a series of photos taken with Rebekah now and each time she has blown me away with the outcomes. I love how Rebekah captures the raw and natural beauty in her photography. Each time she has made us feel at ease and comfortable during the photo sessions. She is also very professional and keeps up to date with the process of picking and choosing the final photos. I dare say it won't be the last time we chose Rebekah to capture our family memories she is fab.

Michelle & Oscar


Motherhood is more than expecting, having or raising a child; Motherhood is overwhelmingly and unbelievably beautiful, in every way.

Rebekah Collins is nothing short of an amazing human and a brilliant photographer. She makes the memories of my daughter's birth come to life each time I look through the stills of that incredible day. She worked silent, strong magic in my home that day; allowing my husband to be completely present in his love and support throughout my labor. I will treasure her and the moments she gifted me through her skills for the rest of my life. I only wish I would have been in Ireland for the births of my first two babies so I could have hired her sooner! Your hearts are sure to be stolen!

(If you're reading this and on the fence about hiring a birth photographer, please do not hesitate hiring Rebekah! I promise you will never regret inviting her to tell your birth story through the beauty of her photography!)

Tia Smith, The Birth of Jubilee

The photos are amazing, and I've really enjoyed having those memories captured to look back on. Rebekah was amazing, I didn't even realise she was there most of the time, but remember her supportive presence and her handing me my oils when I was in need... I definitely recommend having your birth photographed, and highly recommend Rebekah for the job!

Elaine Whyte, The Birth of Lily-Mae


"Love is the greatest gift when given. It is the highest honour when received"

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