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Family portrait photography has been around for nearly 180 years, so it's of no surprise that many families still want those simple, studio portraits. I actually offer something a little different. Something that is only starting to grow on local families in Northern Ireland. I document and record families, in their element, living family life to the full, treasuring their little ones' first or five birthday, capturing their children having fun at the beach, capturing anything that the parents want to remember in years to come. It's quite unqiue really, because each of these family sessions are bespoke and tailored around your wants and needs. Very little posing is involved, because I am there to document the quiet and the loud moments, the big and the small. Not just capturing as a photograph, but as a special Family Film.

Every session is captured as it should be - with the real moments. Little giggles that turn into screams when you tickle your littlest's feet. Wiping tears away after a little tantrum, and cuddling mummy so tight, telling her you love her. Finding butterflies, or insects, and letting their little imaginations run wild as to where they live and what they eat. what childhood is about. These are the moments you don't want to forget. These are the memories that you want to last forever.

I photograph families all throughout Northern Ireland and am most often found shooting in Lisburn, Belfast, Antrim, Carrickfergus, Bangor, Newcastle and Saintfield. I have spent the last 5 years building a portfolio of stunning outdoor locations on your doorstep. Recommending the right location for your family photo session is all part of the experience, especially if you are always looking for new places to explore.


Having a Family session by RCP will be one you won't forget.

Pricing starts from £95 and there are three Collections available - 

'The Oak Tree Collection', 'The Acorn Collection' and 'The Seedling Collection'

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