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First Year Sessions

Woohoo - your baby is turning one! This has no doubt been the best of your life! From finding out you were expecting your little one, to celebrating 365 days of their life!


Whether your baby girl is walking or your baby boy is crawling, they will be the star of the show!


My sessions are simple, relaxed and we will work around your little one! We will start of with family photos - this is the first birthday of your baby! You need an up-to-date photo! Now, I won’t force you, as parents, to be in the photograph, but I will encourage you! First birthdays don’t happen every year.


It’s important to get those cute captures of your 1-year-old, all giggles and smiles. I generally lay a blanket down, if our session is outside, or sit your little one near some natural light indoors, and work my magic!


The expressions. The laughter. And those funny little characteristics shining through.

What about a Cake Smash?

Absolutely - nothing says birthdays within cake involved! Now, I don't provide the cake, however I can recommend local bakers that can produce the most beautiful, colourful AND tasty cakes around! Your baby might look at it, but they also might nibble at it, kick it, face-plant it and the eat it! We can spend the first half of the session capturing you all, celebrating the first birthday of your baby; then, we can spend the last half of the session letting your baby girl or baby boy have their cake and eat it too!