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Newborn Sessions

Firstly, CONGRATS on having a baby - this is one of the most amazing, whirlwind moments, CHAPTERS of your lives, as parents.

Lifestyle sessions are becoming more popular, and more parents are wanting that more relaxed approach to newborn photography. Every session is unique and I will do my best to spend as much time with you and your family, doing my best to make it a chilled experience for everyone, for baby and for new parents too. A lot of my families have younger children, and they are more than welcome to be part of the session - I want to capture you, as an entire family. We will start of with chatting, for me to get to know the kids and what they enjoy doing at home. Once they have built a relationship with me, and after a few natural photographs, I will ask you if you are all ready for a ‘big’ family photo - this means that you can relax the rest of the session, knowing that you have brought everyone together for a photo. I always encourage parents and kids to be involved, because I am forever being told that they regret not being in photographs growing up with their kids, together as a family (which is another reason why many book me for a Family Session).

We will go with the baby’s pace, how he or she is responding to being handled, when they want to be fed and when they are ready for tummy time or nap time. Depending on the age of your baby, will depend on how long we spend together - the sleepiest babies are usually within 1-2 weeks old, however I am happy to capture your newborn right up until they are 4 weeks old. If your baby is older, we can look in to Nurturing, First Year and Family Sessions.


No props are used, unless you have little ‘keepsakes’ or special outfits that you want your baby to wear. Natural beauty, simple settings and bright rooms make a perfect lifestyle session with newborns. I love photographing babies in the garden too - this is something that I have done over lockdown, when I was given the go-ahead to open for business. These can be done in little Moses’ baskets, swaddled and lying amongst the flowers.


Before I focus solely on baby, I would love to capture your new baby with their sibling/s (even if that includes fur babies too!) We all know that seeing our little babies with their older brother or sister is just the cutest thing ever, and capturing that bond, those little faces that older siblings pull as those even cuter faces!! Kissing their foreheads and holding their tiny hands and tiny feet! I know those images will be precious to you, as parents, but they will be treasured by grandparents!

We can’t forget about that special bond between new parents and their newborn! Every day, you are maybe thinking, “Oh, I must get a photo of all of us” and then a day goes by, then the next day, then the next. Until your baby is 3 months old, and you regret not getting that shot on the day you had said about it. These memories are a blessing. A real treasure. When your baby turns 13, 18, 21, etc., you will look back and remember the time they had a newborn session with Rebekah Collins Photographer, and you can tell them about it. I know the feeling when you get in front of a camera - it is SCARY! But I know for a fact how precious photographs like these are just that - PRECIOUS!

Towards the end of the session, when baby is sleepy or happy just lying in their little nests, or mum’s arms, I will take photos of their tiny features. Their tongue that is constantly sticking out. Their fluffy hair or few strands. Their squishy little cheeks and face. Their wriggly arms, hands and toes. You don’t want to forget the size of them, nor do you want to miss out on those memories being captured. 


I want to document every baby feature, and every aspect of a new life entering your family, no matter if this is your first, second or last baby.