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Breastfeeding & Nurturing Sessions

My love for mothers nurturing their children came from my first few births. Then, in 2019, I worked with five amazing goddesses for a photo session, inspired by World Breastfeeding Week. There is something so amazing, that even words can’t describe, as to how a mother nurtures her children.


I love watching a mother bond with her baby, whether it be through bottle feeding in a cafe at your local garden centre, to breastfeeding on the beach - these moments are special, extraordinary, and treasured for life.


Some mummies find the final few months of breastfeeding and weaning, the hardest. They have fed their babies for months and months, and now they are stopping something that is so natural and God-given, to let their baby move on to 'bigger' things.


That doesn’t mean that those memories have to be forgotten.


Nurturing sessions vary in age of baby, from newborn to toddler age. There is no ‘age limit’ to Nurturing sessions, because no matter how your baby is, their little story of a mother and baby’s feeding journey is so important to document. 

Do you just  offer breastfeeding photo sessions?

Whilst I am a strong advocate for the benefits of breastfeeding, I support all mums in their nurturing journey and for as long as they need to provide milk for their babies. Every mother makes a choice that is best for her baby, and best for her. Showing that bond and loving quality that a mother and parent owns.