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4 'Weird' (but Wonderful) Things That Keep Me Creative

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

OK. So you are wondering what on earth will this blog post be about? But, I wanted to share a little personal blog about myself. From wearing odd socks to going on long walks, these will give you a little insight to my creativity!

4. Wearing Odd Socks

This may sound like a common (or uncommon!) one. BUT, I honestly believe I have a lot more visions, creative flares and ideas growing out from my brain. I don't have a messy sock drawer BUT I do look at colours (which I have a wide variety of) and put two together that will begin my inspiration and creative buzz for the day.

3. Forest Walks

Van Gogh once said "If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

When I can, I will search for new routes and paths to walk across Lisburn/greater Belfast area. I have walked the Lagan Towpath, Shaws Bridge area, Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park, Belvoir Park Forest, North Down Coastal Path, Hillsborough Forest Park, Antrim Castle Gardens, Portglenone Forest... Anything that involves staring up at trees because I love the lines, shadows and light that pours in between the twigs and twine.

2. Walking the Beach

This one is probably quite popular as well. Because who doesn't love looking out into the ocean, like it is a blank canvas? Who doesn't love feeling the wind hit their face, as the waves crash into the rocks and splash your face a little? Who doesn't love finding a cave and climbing a few metres to get inside? The sand has a story of who has walked on it that day; where the tide has been recently; who has been on the beach. It is my blank canvas and that is when my mind begins to create new ideas.

1. Spending time with positive people

I am a great believer that when you smile at others, it can brighten up their day when they need it most. I also believe that sharing positive vibes and happy thoughts, encouraging friends and family and sharing quotes on social media has a massive impact on people's lives. And when I tell people I'm crazy, I mean I have a real love for laughter and life. I have a great passion in helping others see that too. This creates such a boost in my creativity. I see things I didn't see before and I think of ways to capture families in 'their happy place'.

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