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5 Things People Find Stressful and How To Overcome Them

I have been wanting to write this post for a while, and today, I felt it fitting to share FIVE things people might be finding stressful, worrying even, and how they can overcome them.

Now, you are probably wondering, "Why is she writing about stuff like that? She's a photographer"

You're right. I am a photographer. But I am also human. And I get days where I am so stressed, I get a headache, a BLASTING headache. I also get days where I am inspired by my stress (weird, I know!) and do something that can help me get into that 'better place'.

So hopefully one of these five things will inspire you to work hard on yourself today, and for the next time you feel you are being dragged down by stress and worry.


Do something I have been meaning to do for a while...

This isn't always easy and we may have a lot of small AND big projects we always want to be doing, but can never find the time. On Monday, the place I work full time in went into lockdown, and I was starting to worry about being stuck in the house. Then I remembered that I had made a list (that I hoped would never have to use in these circumstances) and one of the things I had on it was to do a 'deep clean' and clean some stuff out in my bedroom.

Here's the short version of what I did: I organised and separated my photography gear and accessories (all the behind-the-scenes stuff); re-arranged some clothes and cleared some out to give to charity (this really makes me feel good, because I know someone will get use out of items I haven't worn in ages); I 'up cycled' an unused tall bookcase, and created 2 bedside tables; and, lastly, I added some fairy lights around my bedroom, as I believe in 'hygge' (the danish love cosiness, comfort and tranquility and I try to create that as much as I can)


Go for a long walk...

Walking in the fresh air is something that has always been recommended for our health and wellbeing, and more so than ever - it will definitely help improve your mental health too! Whether it be a walk early in the morning or a late evening stroll, walk it out!

My favourite place to go and 'walk it out' is definitely the beach. It's not to sun bathe, or run into that baltic North Atlantic ocean at the North Coast (although, go for it, I know there's Ria and a lot of others that are part of @BenoneBathingClub). I love finding caves, walking a lot the cliffs and hearing the waves crash into large rocks that have ended up close to the shore line, and feeling the wind hitting my face and blowing my hair into a crazy style!


Search for Positivity

I am a B-I-G fan of Pinterest and love searching for amazing ideas, but most importantly, positive quotes and affirmations. You might think that's a bit 'out there', but believe me - it is so inspiring to read some of the most amazing quotes, seeing positivity throughout my Pinterest feed. It is filled with quotes when I open the app because I have saved so many on my personal account.


Write or share something positive

Whether you like to journal or like to inspire people on social media or even on blogs, I have found that helping others helps me. If you are quite a personal human being, grab a notepad and make a list of 5 things you are grateful for today; make a list of 10 things you like about yourself; write down your favourite quote. Even creating 'worksheets' for yourself to work through, writing something positive on them and look at them every day. I have been sharing positive quotes, written by myself, on social media every Monday because I was sick and tired of reading negativity about Mondays and I wanted to change the feeling I had for Monday's even more, and now I see less and less of "It's Monday again!"

Here are a few to get you started!


Talk to someone

Just like 'walking it out', why not 'talk it out'. Easier said than done, I know!! But sit down with someone you trust, or if some asks "How are you today?" Just reply "Not so good". Maybe someone knows your cues, how you react to stress and will notice something is up. Or you could get a message from a friend and chat for a while, then open up. It's amazing how the universe works, and when someone can send you a great message at the right time

I know if I am stressed, I can talk it out. Then, I can figure a way to turn those thoughts into something more calming and positive. Like turning on some fairy lights, lighting some candles, taking a bath.

We are currently sitting at home, and that can affect our physical and mental health. But you aren't alone. Don't stress. Put your energy into something. Go for a walk. Google "happy quotes". Write something you love about yourself, your family or your day. And TALK. TO. SOMEONE.

Remember, putting energy into something else can really improve your mood and take your mind off the stressful stuff!

Much love,

R x

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