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7 Newborn Photo Tips for Parents during COVID-19

This has been a challenging, stressful and one crazy time for our world, and so many obeying the government and staying at home. I have been really thinking of those families who have had babies recently, and how mum and dad haven’t been able to get out of the house and spend time with their parents, friends and to share the joy that their little bundle of joy is bringing to them right now!

So, naturally, you as a parent are photographing your baby and sending updates to your family and friends. So I thought, “Why not create a DIY guide for parents?”

Right now, it is not possible to hire me for a photo shoot until the lockdown has ended, however, it is possible for YOU to capture your little one, with these 7 tips! I want to provide some free help and encourage you to try taking your own newborn photos at home! Your baby’s first few weeks, even the first few days, fly by and he or she changes every single day. I want you to be able to capture these moments, and treasure them, knowing you not only gave birth during COVID-19, but you also created some lovely photos of your baby!

So here they are, 10 tips on how to nail your DIY Newborn Photos at home!

1) For those extra tiny features, capture baby within the first 2 weeks

Although I photograph newborns right up until 4 weeks old, it is during the first 2 weeks of baby’s life that their tiny toes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, EVERYTHING is brand-new! This might be the toughest 2 weeks with being sleep deprived and trying to adjust to this new life with a newborn. But, he or she is hopefully sleeping a lot, making it easier to hold them, cuddle them and photograph them. It’s perfectly O.K. if you are just reading this blog post, and your baby is now 4-5 weeks old, maybe older! It’s never too late for baby photos - by now, your baby is more alert; he or she is wriggling a lot more, talking a lot more and maybe crying a wee bit more, but don’t let that stress you out. If you have seen my work, you know the photos of baby yawning or the photos or baby looking at the camera with their big eyes is just as beautiful as a baby snuggled into mummy’s arms!

2) Find a room in your home with the best, natural light

Lighting is EVERYTHING! My clients know how much I adore natural light, but I always have a flash kit with me in case natural light fails me. For you though, natural light will be your best friend! Look for soft lighting near a window, maybe a large one in your home, with little distraction around you. Have a look around your home and be aware of the time of day when the light is just right - not too low but not to harsh either! And try to photograph near a window as this will create a softer light, but don’t be afraid of the shadows.

3) Keep the room you choose to photograph baby in warm

I’m sure you already have your heating on full blast since having baby at home, as this helps with keeping baby safe, warm and snuggly in their blanket or baby grow, and especially when you go to photograph those tinier details like feet and hands. Also, if you haven’t already heard of the White Noise video (providing you didn’t by a white noise machine), I have had local mums recommend this one on Youtube that plays for 10 hours long!!

4) Feed baby before or during the DIY newborn photoshoot

If baby is fed before you take photos, that means he or she will have a full belly and you'll have a sleepy baby! However, my style involves photos of baby being bottle or breast fed and is more than perfect and tells your story of the early days with your little one. It's entirely up to you which style to go for!

5) Simplicity is your friend

You don’t need to order a whole new wardrobe for your family to make this perfect! Nor do you need to watch a YouTube video on how to pose a family! Both are unnecessary, and it’ll certainly make you feel a little more stressed! As the saying goes, “Less is more!

Grab a white t-shirt and a pair of leggings for mum; a white or light blue shirt and jeans for dad; and, a white/beige outfit for your little one - go for complimentary colours!

Take a photo of baby lying on a plain blanket. Of baby in mummy’s arms. Of baby being burped over daddy’s shoulder. Don’t force them into unnatural positions - take photos of how baby naturally sleeps, so that it is raw and real.

6) Don’t forget those must-have’s!

Go as close as you can to baby’s fingers and toes! You will cherish these particular photos especially since baby will change every day, and family will be able to see these photos to once we all go out of lockdown! Don’t be afraid to ‘fill that frame’ with baby’s feet!

And most definitely don’t forget a full family photograph - most phones and compact cameras will have a self timer (3 seconds or 10 seconds), so find a spot to balance your camera/phone on, unless you have a tripod, and do a few practice shots before getting you, baby and the family in the ‘frame’.

7) Lastly, HAVE FUN!

If you are a cuddly family, make sure to capture that in your DIY Newborn photos. Kiss your baby’s cheek, whilst having your arm around your other half. Or kiss your wife/girlfriend’s forehand whilst stroking your baby’s arm. Tickle your other kids, and make sure their characters are shining through in these photos! Show those raw moments; those radiant moments, but most importantly, show the real moments!

Have you found this guide helpful? Share your images with me, by sending them to

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