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8 Affirmations to try...

An Affirmation (also known as ‘positive talk’, mantra or a helpful statement) is “the assertion that something exists or is true.”

Whatever you call them, these short but very effective sayings are created and shared to help train your subconscious mind to adjust and harmonise into your natural, real capability to birth your baby, with mighty strength, amazing power and everlasting love.

Birth Affirmations are a very valuable part of Hypnobirthing, and it helps grow your self-confidence and frees the fear from inside. You are there to centre your birth on what you want, with supportive individuals around you.

A lot of mums write their own sayings, mantras and affirmations on ‘Post-It’ notes stuck in every room, or in a journal to look at daily. But, what’s the first thing you’ll do when something vibrant and exciting is on the wall – you’ll notice it more!

After posting on social media, asking local women for inspirational affirmations, and how they helped during pregnancy and the birth itself, I've came up with EIGHT of the most popular, helpful and beautiful affirmations. I have made these as interesting and as colourful as possible, but feel free to share your own in the comments below.

You can download these positive affirmations for { F R E E } and print them by downloading through this link.

Top Tips for using your Affirmations:

- Print them and put them around your home (Remember to move them around the house so that they don’t become part of the furniture)

- Try and read a different affirmation daily (even add to them)

- Print a second set to take to the Home from Home/MLU, or make a small scrapbook to bring with you on your travels

- FINALLY, when you look at your affirmations (or a selection of them), take a minute to yourself, focus on your breathing and connect with, not just your baby, but your body too.

R x

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