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A Birth Photographer's Bucket List

Since I was a little girl, I have had a camera in my hand - from a 'Barbie' Film camera to a FujiFilm Bridge Camera, a compact Canon camera and now, the Canon 5D MKIII and Canon 650D (my first 'real' DSLR).


Never did I think I would be following my dreams, like I am today. So, I sat down and made a list of things I have 'ticked off' my bucket list, but also have added to my bucket list. Some may sound interesting, others may sound boring. However, this is my bucket list as a photographer, and I hope that in my lifetime, I can tick these of, one by one.

I have already photographed, but would still do it all over again...

❤️ A Home Birth

❤️ A MLU birth

❤️ A Home from Home birth

❤️ An Unassisted Home Birth

I would love to photograph...

❤️ A surrogate birth

❤️ A ‘culturally-motivated’ birth (this really interests me, learning about how different cultures and countries look after mothers during labour and delivery)

❤️ An outdoor birth

❤️ A caesarean birth

❤️ A twin birth (vaginal and/or caesarean)

❤️ A triplet birth (vaginal and/or caesarean birth)

❤️ A birth with first-time parents

❤️ A repeat client's birth

❤️ A family member’s birth

❤️ An IVF birth

❤️ A local midwife’s birth

❤️ An adoption birth

❤️ A lotus birth

❤️ Photograph in all possible maternity hospitals in Northern Ireland

❤️ (this is a dream!) Visit another country to do a documentary on cultural births, from a birth photographer’s perspective, either with a NI birth team or NI charity group

I will, no doubt, add to the list, but for now, if any of the above have you screaming, "YES!" then please get in touch!

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