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Happy #2019

Can you believe we are into another year? The year you get married. The year your baby will be born. The year your oldest turns '3'.

2019 seems to be crazy already, huh??

I recently read this amazing quote (and I'm not one for 'New Year Resolutions', as we should be living our best lives *e v e r y d a y*), but I thought it would be worth sharing with you all...

"I pledge to...

Stress less, ENJOY MORE.

Spend less, GIVE MORE.

Slow down, ease up & EMBRACE THE JOY IN EACH MOMENT."

Wow... Now just take that in...

It's easier said that done, believe me - I work FULL-TIME as an administrator (and I love my job) P L U S I own 'RCP'. I may photograph families a quarter of the amount that full time photographers do, however I still work my butt off studying, planning, organising, networking and making memories of my own family too.

But...I am determined to make this year the very best year! Even better than 2018 was, and that will be hard to beat!

2019 will be the year we ENJOY, GIVE MORE & EMBRACE THE JOY with our family, our friends, our passion, our hobbies, our holidays, our road trips, our day trips, our adventures.

And guess what???

It's also going to be the very first year of L I M I T E D Mini Sessions too, because I believe every family should have their own memories captured.

In 2018, RCP provided so many families (TWENTY-FIVE to be exact!) with beautiful, lasting photographs - I also helped at least 50% of these families discover new places to have EXCITING adventures with their kiddies in the future!!!

What is more perfect that being able to start your 2019 than booking a meaningful Mini Session with your little one, ENJOYing the great outdoors, GIVING MORE than just photos to your children to look back on & EMBRACING THE JOY in their faces when they join you on these exciting adventures - whether it be parent and child, mum and fur-baby, or best friends!

These special, seasonal sessions are limited so please book in as early as you can!

Make 2019 a hassle-free, stress-free and an adventurous year for you and your family with Rebekah Collins Photographer, a Specialist Outdoor Family Photographer.

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