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Mentoring Sessions For Birth Photographers

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I am so excited to announce that I am now offering Online Mentoring for local photographers! Because I am the only Birth Photographer in Northern Ireland (not the first, but the most active), I have had hundreds of questions from local (and national) photographers about birth photography and how I run my business in such a small area compared to the Australian and American birth photographers. Now, there are loads of resources, courses and education available for photographers, so why choose me?

I am self-taught in every aspect of my business, spent countless hours working hard and building networks and relationships. I have reached out to health professionals, local birth workers, award-winning international birth photographers for advice, critique, tips and tricks of the trade! I’m not saying I haven’t made mistakes along the way, and I have become unbelievably passionate about birth photography (which all started as a 6-week project), and I still learn something new every, single day.

I want to do help you do the same!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start with your birth photography business, stuck in a rut with your lifestyle photography business or just need a boost of encouragement to further your photography business to make it unique...

I want you to know that I am here.

I’ve been in the same position, at my wits end, thinking of packing it in (not just the birth business, but the whole she-bang!), so I know how you feel. Yes, building a photography business is hard as there are a lot of photographers out there and it takes a lot of dedication, hard work and persistence. BUT birth photography takes even more work, because Northern Ireland and Ireland haven’t really got the hang of the idea (yet!), but it doesn’t have to be painful. And you don’t have to sacrifice your life, family included, just to be a successful birth photographer. Once you have a solid foundation in place, and create a plan or workflow that works for you, THAT is being successful already. Having a mentor is vital for your business, especially the birth photography business!

Online Mentoring Course

Kick-Start Your Birth Photography Business is a three-week, fully packed, online mentoring course for photographers ready to make their dreams into actionable plans! If you’re looking for help and guidance on your planning, workflow, schedule and structure of your business, this course is perfect for you! Each week, your 1-on-1 mentoring session will take place via Facetime or Skype. Each call will VARY in length, allowing us to chat about your current pricing and structure, your ‘why’ and figuring out how to work through each stepping stone, starting your birth photography business on a high! We'll discuss your current marketing, keeping it consistant with your marketing to 'keep the flow' on your social media and other platforms AND we will watch a birth that I filmed for a client. There is so much covered in this online mentoring course, you'd be crazy NOT to do it!

"So, I get all of the above...for how much?"

The total cost of the Online Mentoring Course is £299*


The first 5 spaces of my diary are now OPEN:

February 2020 (evenings, from 5:30pm excluding Mondays) - 2 clients

March 2020 (evenings, from 5:30pm excluding Mondays) - 2 clients

April 2020 (evenings, from 5:30pm excluding Mondays) - 1 client

That's 4 WEEKS of 1-2-1 mentoring with Northern Ireland's only Birth Photographer PLUS a *FREE* resource to not only kickstart your career BUT to continue with it, JUST RELEASED might I add, for £299.

*£65 deposit, then 3 instalments of £78 OR pay in full

For more info OR to your new journey now, pop me an email:

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