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Northern Ireland Birth Photographer

Hi, I'm Rebekah, owner of 'Rebekah Collins Photographer' (also known as RCP) and I am Northern Ireland's only active Birth Photographer, as well as Family and Motherhood Photography.

So, what is Birth Photography? And why should you hire one?

Birth photography, like wedding photography, is the photography and videography coverage before, during and after such a momentous, breath-taking, captivating, new chapter of your life - the birth of your child, or children.

Picture this - your mum is flying the whole way from the USA, and she will be present during the birth of your first child; your partner has just got back from a few months of working away from home; these two very important people are part of your ‘birth story’, as well as the rest of your birth team. You pass your partner the camera and tell him to photograph snippets of the birth, but he forgets because he is so captivated in supporting you and working together with your ‘birth team’ to ensure you have the most positive birthing experience. You so wanted these images to treasure, and to help piece together the labour, delivery and postpartum of this new life. But your partner and mother’s infinite support meant so much more.

This is one of the main reasons that many parents-to-be hire a professional birth photographer - so that their family and midwives can be part of your beautiful baby's entrance into the world, and not just be the one behind the camera.

To reassure you, we'll chat about what you are and are not comfortable with me photographing during your birth story. I am like a fly on the wall, unless otherwise asked before, during and after birth - at my very first birth, the oldest was getting lonely and wanted to hug Mum, especially close to her little brother being born. I stepped in, chatted with Little ‘E’, played with her and her wooden bus and gently ease her in, so that she could still be part of the story . It wasn’t until a few months afterwards, that Mum reached out and thanked me for being such a great help with little ‘E’ and it really helped during birth.

I am fully supportive of your birthing choices, as every mother’s birth is unique and this is your story.

Each of the families that have hired me as their birth photographer, haven’t had any regrets - apart from not having a birth photographer present at their other children's’ births. 

>>> Want to find out more? Please feel free to reach out <<<

So, if you like the idea of capturing the essence of life as it begins, here are the collections that I offer...

With each collection, you will also receive:

  • A relaxed and super-friendly consultation (in-person or via FaceTime, whatever is easiest for you!)

  • 24/7 in-call period for 3 weeks around your estimated due date

  • A web-ready image within 24 hours (so you can share the news with your friends and family)

  • 75-200 images on a USB (delivered personally to you!)

  • PLUS a Mini Film (tasteful footage taken during the birth of your baby!)

To book your *F R E E C O N S U L T A T I O N * for your birth,

please get in touch!

>>> Still on the fence? Not sure what to expect? Check out my very first birth client's story <<<

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