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RCP Photography School: Golden Hour

Hello to all who’ve joined me on day 7 of this 26 day challenge to learn about the basics of photography.

What did you think of yesterday's lesson on flash photography?

If you’re doing this course, you probably already know a little bit about me but if you don’t, please check out who I am.

This one will be amazing because you will need to get for a walk in the evening, roughly around an hour before sunset. This will help you go out of your comfort zone if you aren't used to photographing in less than day light, but it will also give you a chance to clear your mind and enjoy the beauty of sunset (or just before it happens!)

G is for Golden Hour

What is golden hour, you might ask? This is the time of morning or the evening that is a photographer's dream. Because of the warmth it brings to photographs. Golden hour is the period within the first hour before sunrise (dawn) or the last hour before the sun sets (dusk).

Overexposing the sky is more harder to do when the sun is brighter, whereas when the sun is rising or setting, the sun can be underexposed making the sky look perfectly lit

Bring your dog out for a walk; take your kids out for a dander; or, just enjoy a walk by yourself - breathe in the fresh air (and most likely cold air with the weather we are currently getting); find three things you love about golden hour; even bring a notepad and write them down. And just admire the beauty and the warmth.

Today will be a mental health check day.

Take your camera and go and enjoy yourself. Take in God's beautiful creations. Be thankful for today.

Thankfully, these photographs were taken just before the sun went down, and it was absolutely stunning! It did my body, mind and soul good!

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