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RCP Photography School: X is for...

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Hello to all who’ve joined me on day 24 of this 26 day challenge to learn about the basics of photography.

Today's letter provided a little difficult and believe me, I tried everything! There are just over 100 words that begin with 'X', with one or two relating to photography, but none that could really help you learn about the basics of photography.

But before we start, if you’re doing this course, you probably already know a little bit about me but if you don’t, please check out who I am.

Today, let's turn things up a notch, and talk about...

X for eXceed

So, you've joined me for the last 3 and a bit weeks to learn the basics of photography?

How have you found it?

Have you learnt anything?

I always love feedback, and as I've mentioned before, I don't claim to know everything nor do I claim that after you finish these 26 days, that you will be a professional and qualified photographer.

It takes a lot to succeed and eXceed as a photographer!

Today's lesson is more of a pat on the back for joining me.

For exceeding yourself because you have a fear in doing something new.

For exceeding your own expectations and creating some really amazing photographs.

For exceeding my expectations that anyone would be reading these blogs.

You. Yes, you! You have been taking part in a wee photography school, ran by a local photographer - you've got me through nearly a month of this lockdown but most importantly, YOU have taken part in this for your kids or for your own mental health.

Enjoy each day that God gives you.

As many of you know, I came closer to God during the first lockdown last year and as difficult as this year has been, I have been able to enjoy each day through God's grace. Whether you believe in God or not, I don't know, but I believe we should enjoy each day no matter what. Focus on today only, as I keep telling the mummies in the mums group I set up.

eXpress your feelings when you need to.

Again, I am stretching the boat out when I use express for the letter 'X' but it's true. We NEED to express our feelings. We can't surprise them and expect them to go away. As someone that encourages photography to be used as an art therapy, expressing your feelings through words can be difficult so trying to art might benefit you. Lockdown has affected everyone differently, and I am always here to chat. Exceed yourself in that you can get through this, we are given strength every day to get through this and tomorrow will be the same.

Create your own masterpiece.

Exceed your fears and create an artistic masterpiece through photography. I don't mean you need to be the next Ansel Adams (my favourite photographer), but you can create your own photographs that mean something to you. Each photograph that you create, that you put your heart and soul into creating, that in itself is a masterpiece to you. Something that is a treasure to you, whether it be a photograph of your kids snuggling up, your favourite collection of books that have got you through the past few weeks, or your 'safe space' in your home or your garden.

Embrace the moments you capture.

A lot of parents want to be in the photographs with their kids, and that's why family photography is such a popular niche. But what about self portraits with your kids? What about those louder moments and not just the quiet ones? Embrace each moment that you want to capture. Just keep watching for a mini story to unfold in front of you before clicking the button. Embrace that single moment that you do. And embrace that memory once it's captured.

Escape the negativity

I don't mean sweep all the negativity under the carpet. I mean make art a means of escaping. Use it as a means of healing. If you don't journal your thoughts, use photography to show them. If you are feeling sad, take a self portrait to express those feelings. If you are feeling happy, create a scene or capture a moment that emphasises the happiness you are feeling.

Don't give up.

Whatever it takes today, whether it's just getting a shower, going for a short dander or picking up the phone. However big or small. Don't give up. Don't give up on the fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That there is hope all around us. That even if you make a mistake, practice makes perfect, so keep going.

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