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RCP Photography School: Your Story

Hello to all who’ve joined me on day 25 of this 26 day challenge to learn about the basics of photography.

If you’re doing this course, you probably already know a little bit about me but if you don’t, please check out who I am.

Today I’m going give you an insight to a more personal level of a photographer’s world and talk about...

Y for Your Story

We've covered a lot about the basics of photography, from settings on a camera to getting creative. But as we draw near to the end of the alphabet of photography, I want to get personal.

Your story is always important when it comes to photography.

You can use your story to drive your photography style, or what you want to specialise in i.e. birth photography or wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer, I am there to capture small parts of your day, and because lockdown has significantly reduced the amount of guests that can attend and what you can do i.e. no receptions, having a photographer for such an occasion is 100% worth while. We capture your story, during one of the biggest events in our lifetime. Your story might start from loving every single part of your wedding from the point you wake up to the good-byes to your guests. You might look into wedding planning, wedding accessories or even photography and videography. But it all started from your story. Your inspiration to become something you never dreamt of before.

Births can often bring happiness and trauma. It's a fact. And I want to emphasise that there is always help available, such as We Are Pangs. Either way, many of my birth clients have always said to me that their birth photographs have not only aided their memory of the birth of their baby, but also helped in the healing process from other births. You, as a mother, might get involved with charities that encourage and help mummies, daddies and families during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period because of the help they received. Photography can be one of those aids.

I hope you see where I am coming from.

Your story matters.

Your story will be your 'why' for why you began your photography journey, whether or not it is just solely for the purpose of a hobby. This short 'course' was created to show you your potential and to assure you that art therapy is a thing. It is a helpful and encouraging practical therapy of getting through isolation.

Through daily struggles.

Through mental health issues.

Through parenthood.

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