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You rocked my year...

Saying 'Thank You' doesn't even begin to express my appreciation for all my amazing clients, and for the support of my family and friends, for one of the most amazing years in business.

I have met some of the most amazing, inspirational and energetic families, I have travelled across the world, gaining more inspiration than I ever imagined, and attended some fantastic and informative events, including the NI Positive Birth Conference where I met devoted midwifes, doulas, support groups and many other health professionals who are involved with making birth a more positive experience for women in Northern Ireland (and worldwide).

2018 has been a blessed year, so here are some of the highlights below:

Newborns / Spring Mini's / Beach Mini's / Autumn Mini's
Newborns / Spring Mini's / Beach Mini's / Autumn Mini's

I am so glad to announce that the Spring, Summer and Autumn Mini's will be BACK in 2019, so please keep an eye on RCP's Facebook page for more info.


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